Green Carrot Productions (Pty) Ltd

This exciting company was born from the need to help, support and motivate existing businesses as well as entrepreneurs opening new businesses. We help them with our all-in-one service to excel and reach their full potential and ultimate goals. We cater to everyone: the single person on the street or the very large, million rand company. No challenge is too big or too small for us to handle.

We have a one-stop service that caters to the needs inside a normal business including the consumers and clients requirements, We are known as a force to be reckoned with when helping, supporting and motivating our clients.


Brand Awareness & Exposure
An organization’s main objective should be to keep its brand on the mind of its target audience. Frequent advertising builds awareness, awareness builds familiarity, and familiarity builds trust. If a brand stops advertising, prospects and current customers may think it is in trouble or out of business.

Boost Sales
A well-executed, targeted campaign can trigger quick sales.

Thought Leadership
A brand must become a thought leader within its industry. This can provide brand differentiation and build awareness.

Advertising helps establish even sales throughout the year. By advertising on a regular basis and running special promotions, you can lessen the impact of slow periods.

Graphics Designing:
• Graphic Designing
• Graphics for Companies
• Business Cards
• Logos
• Profiles
• Flyers
• Signage
• Branding
• Photo’s to DVD
• Company Profile on DVD
• And More

Website Design:
• Webpage Designs
• Website Administration
• Basic Website
• Advanced Website
• Basic CMS Website (Content Management System)
• Advanced CMS Website (Content Management System)
• Social Networking Site Add on
• Social Networking Site Stand Alone
• Ecommerce Website Add on
• Ecommerce Website
• Revamp of Existing Website
• Domain Registration
• Domain Hosting

Floor Plan:
• Home Floor Plan
• Office Floor Plan
• 3D Layout of Floor Plan
• 3D Drawings
• CAD Drawings