Green Carrot Productions (Pty) Ltd

Client shall pay Designer’s expenses incurred in connection with this Agreement as follows: (a) incidental and out-of- pocket expenses including but not limited to costs for telephone calls, postage, shipping, overnight courier, service bureaus, typesetting, blueprints, models, presentation materials, photocopies, computer expenses, parking fees and tolls.

Additional Costs 
The Project pricing includes Designer’s fee only, unless otherwise specified. Any and all outside costs including, but not limited to, equipment rental, photographer costs and fees, photography and/or artwork licenses, prototype production costs, engineer fees, municipal fees, SACAP, registered architect approval fees, surveyor fees, etc. will be billed to Client unless specifically otherwise provided for in the Proposal. 

Plans, sketches, drawings, graphic representations, reports and specifications prepared by or on behalf of Green Carrot Productions (Pty) Ltd are Instruments of Service. Green Carrot Productions (Pty) Ltd retains the property, copyright and moral rights to the Instruments of Service whether the Project for which they were made is executed or not. 
The Client may retain copies of the Instruments of Service for information and reference in connection with the Client’s use and occupancy of the Project. Copies may include portable document files (PDFs) but do not include computer-aided design documents (e.g. CAD or BIM – editable files) unless otherwise agreed.
Copies may only be used for the purpose intended and are for a one-time use only, on the same site, and for the same Project, by this Client only and may not be offered for sale or transfer without express written consent from Green Carrot Productions (Pty) Ltd. The Client’s use of Instruments of Service is contingent upon full payment to Green Carrot Productions (Pty) Ltd for services rendered. 

Client’s Responsibilities
The Client shall be responsible for:
(1) providing information regarding the existing conditions of the Client’s lands and premises, including soils and sub-surface conditions, existing structures, surveys, etc., as required
(2) timely communication of Client’s decisions or responses during the Project;
(3) any costs related to Client-initiated design changes made after Client’s previous approval; 

If either party fails substantially to perform in accordance with the terms, the non-defaulting party may terminate this engagement after giving seven (7) days’ written notice to remedy the breach. The Client may terminate this agreement without cause upon thirty (30) days’ written notice. On termination the Client shall forthwith pay to Green Carrot Productions (Pty)Ltd its charges for the Services rendered up to the date of termination, including all fees, reimbursable expenses and charges for this Project.